I have been doing woodworking and various unique craft projects for over 40 years. I have made everything from real life home furnishings to doll- house furnishing. I started making simple hand cut puzzles years ago and have progressed into the complicated wood and now acrylic hand cut puzzles you can find here. My puzzles are considered some of the finest puzzles made anywhere in the world.

I was so impressed after seeing an acrylic face mounted photo a few years ago, that I decided that this was a new craft I needed to learn. So for the past couple of years I have researched, and now perfected, my own acrylic photo face mounting service. I personally create every piece that leaves my shop. All of the wall mount pieces have my own-engineered hanging system I personally designed. I have combined my puzzle making and my acrylic face mounting into the most unique acrylic puzzles available nowhere else in the world.I believe that I am the only person in the world making hand cut acrylic puzzles. If there is someone else out there doing hand cut acrylic puzzles, its a good bet they copied my procedures.

I like to consider myself a master craftsman more than anything else. I enjoy the challenge of creating one of a kind crafts. Everything you find here at the Antori Pancco shop is unique and one of a kind.

In addition to my puzzles and acrylic face mounting, about 15 years ago I took up photography and have amassed a large collection of award wining photographs; a small selection of which can now be viewed in my photography gallery. These photos are also available for puzzles and acrylic wall art.