The pricing table you see here should be considered a reference. Since every piece I do is custom, your particular photo should fall close to one of the sizes I have listed in this table. But don’t restrict yourself to the sizes listed. I will do any size you request and as long as it is close to one of the sizes listed you can count on the price being close. I DO NOT charge for a custom size that falls within or close to the sizes listed.

What dictates the final size of your project is the actual size of your photo. If for instance you want a 16 x 20 piece but your photo is shot in such a way that that it will only fit within a 13 x 19 format I will let you know before I start any work. I will never force fit a photo onto a specific size. Also if you order lets say a 16 X 20 the finished product can vary up to ½” in either direction.

What you get

Every Antori Pancco acrylic face mount project comes with a an acrylic back for the maximum protection available. You also have a choice of colors for the backing. The most popular is white or matte black but I have a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, every piece 8 x 10 or smaller comes with an acrylic stand even if you order it with wall hanging brackets. I do have acrylic stands available for the larger projects. Most importantly, when you order an Antori Pancco face mounted project, you can be guaranteed that you will receive the absolute finest quality hand crafted piece available anywhere.


Acrylic Size 1/4" 1/2" 3/4"
5 X 7 $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
8 x 10 $59.00 $67.00 $75.00
8 x 12 $62.00 $70.00 $80.00
12 x 12 $70.00 $80.00 $90.00
11 x 17 $99.00 $120.00 $135.00
10 x 20 $99.00 $125.00 $140.00
14 x 17 $115.00 $150.00 $180.00
16 x 20 $135.00 $185.00 $210.00
18 x 18 $140.00  $190.00  $210.00
16 x 24 $175.00 $225.00 $250.00
24 x 24 $195.00 $250.00 $275.00 
20 x 30 $200.00 $265.00 $285.00
24 x 32 $225.00 $295.00 $320.00
24 x 36 $275.00  $350.00 $400.00
30 x 40 $340.00 $395.00 $475.00
36 x 48 $375.00 $475.00 $550.00



Custom Photo Puzzle Prices

Pricing for my puzzles are per puzzle piece. You can have a custom photo puzzle where you supply the photo or if you’re local, I will come and take the photo for you. You can also choose to have a puzzle made from any of my own exclusive photographs. Or feel free to pick an artistic work from our exclusive artist collection. Depending on many factors a puzzle will range anywhere from $1.00 per puzzle piece up to $2.50 per puzzle piece. Acrylic puzzles are far more expensive to create so they start at a minimum of $2.00 per puzzle piece.

Whatever you choose, the price includes the following:

  • Puzzle size of your choice up to 17" X 22"
  • Your choice as to the number of puzzle pieces
  • Any photoshop touch up of your photo that might be required
  • Photo mounted to 1/4" 5-ply plywood or Acrylic
  • Finished wood mounted puzzles are protected with Krylon Gloss Photo UV Protection Spray
  • Antori Pancco Gift Puzzle Box
  • Up to 3 Figural puzzle pieces of your choice
  • Free USPS Insured Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the USA

Due to the endless different configurations of custom puzzles it is impossible to do a shopping cart for custom puzzles. So if you want one of my custom puzzle please email me and I will personaly work out the details with you.